Aila, your partner in climate sustainability

The challenge

We are in a climate crisis, this is obvious. To prevent the worst effects of climate change it is crucial that businesses reduce their carbon emissions. However, actionable information and solutions for advancing climate sustainability are often hard to come by and ties up the already limited resources of companies. Until now, efforts have largely been directed at offsetting emissions rather than reducing them at their source.

The solution

We are focused on removing the barriers SMEs are facing to take direct action to reduce their environmental impact and become truly sustainable, whether it is the lack of resources, knowledge or skills. We do this by compiling all the needed information and solutions under one centralised platform, making it all accessible, easily understandable and actionable. This saves the SMEs effort, time and money. The service operates as follows: 1) Calculate and assess your carbon footprint: Understand your environmental impact to set the stage for effective carbon reduction strategies. 2) Browse and switch to green solutions: Select and buy products and services from our platform that not only enable and accelerate your green transition but also have a direct impact on carbon emissions reduction. 3) Communicate your sustainability efforts: Utilise Aila's automated communication and reporting tools to transparently share your actions and commitment.


Aila’s mission is to facilitate and accelerate the green transition. Through a centralised platform we provide all the needed solutions, tools and actionable insights to empower businesses to take direct climate action.


As a trailblazer, Aila becomes a reliable and disruptive force, fostering a global ecosystem of SMEs, strategic partners and sustainable suppliers committed to building a cleaner future.